Sometimes You Have to Just Run with it

Numbers Don’t Lie

If you’ve ever ran any form of digital campaign then you’ll know that it’s important to listen to the metrics. Usually, this means looking at which ad creatives or which audiences are performing better and weighting the budget in favour of those performers. But sometimes the numbers can be that significant that you change the objective of your whole campaign.

From Views to Clicks

The inspiration for this blog post has come from a campaign we’re running targeting the people of Liverpool. We’ve been using our Video Carpet Bomb technique as the aim of the campaign is to get as many people to watch the videos as possible. But there’s something we’ve noticed in the numbers! The campaign has been going very well, with video views over 75% higher than expected. But what we noticed was that people are actually clicking through to the landing page where they can see all of the videos in 1 place. So rather than using the budget on multiple videos on Facebook, we’ve decided to change the objective of the campaign to website clicks to get people over to the landing page with all of the videos. It’s much more efficient because that’s what people are doing anyway! We’re getting really low CPC’s and people are watching all of the videos on the website, which is the opposite of what you would normally see with a Facebook video campaign.

You don’t Always have to Follow your Gut!

It was a really hard decision for us to change the objective of the campaign, because native videos perform so well on Facebook. The videos were performing well but we just couldn’t ignore the amount of website clicks they were getting! Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go with what your audience is telling you they want to do.


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