Spontaneous Local Ads

Wow, it’s been hot!

With the weather seriously picking up recently in the UK it’s been great to see lots of local businesses running Facebook ads advertising their ice creams and milkshakes. So we thought we’d talk you through the best way to do it.

Don’t Boost Post!

Most people naturally post the advert to their Facebook page, then hit boost post and boost the ad to an audience they choose from there. The problem with this is that you don’t get as many options when you select your targeting, and you can’t reach all of the people that you should be reaching.

Head to Ads Manager

  1. Go to your Facebook Adverts Manager: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/
  2. Click ‘+ Create Campaign’ unless you already have a campaign that you want to put this ad in
  3. Choose Engagement as your objective and make sure Post Engagement is selected
  4. Then at ad set level, when selecting the location you want to target, make sure the option ‘Everyone in this location’ is selected, rather than ‘People Living in this Location.’ This means you won’t only reach the people that live near your business, you’ll reach EVERYONE who is near your business at that moment in time. This is really important.
  5. Then choose your placements and budget
  6. Then select the correct page post to promote

Extra Tip

As an extra tip, we’d recommend going through all 6 steps again but in ad set level, under ‘Optimisation for Advert Deliver’ choose ‘Impressions.’

This way you’ll also REACH a lot more of the people in the area that day. The first ad will get good engagement on the post so that you gain social proof, the second ad will get more people to see it. It’s the perfect combination to get people to come and try your ice cream!


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