Stop Trying to Sell the Un-Sellable

Gary V Speaks Again!

Scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed this morning we came across a great post by the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk that really resonated with us.

“I spend no time trying to convince those that don’t want to be convinced … Time is our #1 asset .. stop wasting it !!”

This couldn’t be more true for us as a business, and it should be a theme in your online marketing efforts.

SMR Social

To use ourselves as an example, can you imagine if we walked into a cafe and asked to speak to the manager. The manager comes over and we say something like “Hey we think we could really help you to build your social media presence and get more customers through the door.” There are 2 ways this could pan out.

  1. They already know they should be using social media more so they’re slightly interested and willing to have a chat
  2. They think social media is a waste of time and if they do actually have a chat it’s only to be polite!

I’m sure you can imagine why we know how the scenario pans out, and it’s why we re-defined our whole approach to marketing ourselves. It’s worked, and you should be doing it too!

What you should be doing instead!

For us, our job isn’t to convince businesses that social media is the best way for them to market what they have. Our job is to convince them that we can help them when they realise how important social media is. So instead of reaching out to businesses to find out where they’re at, we publicly display that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to social media, and that we’re actively helping other businesses like them to achieve the results they want. Aiming to write a blog every morning has increased our enquiries by 20%, which is because we target business owners to our website. We don’t know if they’re sold on social media yet or not, but the ones that are may find use in some of our posts and it can help them to have a bit more success with what they’re trying. If that doesn’t convince someone that we know what we’re doing then nothing will!

How you should be using this approach:

You have to think how this could work in terms of your business. What sort of traffic could you target to your website that could be potential customers? Once you’ve got them to your website, what sort of content will convince them that they want to become your customer instead of anyone else’s? When it comes to cold traffic, you shouldn’t always be selling to them. You should be offering them something of value so that they learn who you are. If it means writing a blog in the morning before you do any other work, then do it. That’s what we’re doing right now!


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