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December 20, 2018

A Facebook Strategy to Fill your Restaurant!

Here’s how to get people into your restaurant or bar using Facebook in 2019!

Restaurants and bars are always particularly sceptical about the immediate effect of social media campaigns on their business. We get it. It’s really hard to track whether business is picking up or not when you’re running a campaign. The big problem is usually that you could run a campaign in January, and people might not come into your restaurant until February, so how do you know that the reason they’re there is that they saw something you posted to Facebook? Well, read on!

Carpet Bombs Work!

You’re probably fed up of us banging on about carpet bombing. We’ve been using it since it was thought up, and it’s worked a treat for the whole of 2018. 2019 is going to be no different! If you’re a local business with a store-front, then carpet bombing is the NUMBER 1 strategy that you should be adopting on social media, before anything else. Ok, so here’s the deal:

You’ll want to follow this strategy, and don’t be afraid to test at least 3-5 creatives, preferably video! We’ve tested things like promoting recent news articles about the restaurant or blog post reviews about the restaurant to areas around the location of the business.

If you’re lucky enough to be opening at a new location then a news article about the new location opening up will work incredibly well! People love to jump on the hype and they’ll share that post with everyone they eat with!

The best performing content has always been videos of the chefs cooking a special dish. Let’s take a special side dish for example, like sweet chilli fries or wedges. Make the video similar to something like this and you can’t go wrong! https://www.facebook.com/tastemade/videos/1359076277512869/


This is where the results happen. Once you drop your carpet bomb video you have to retarget with a solid offer. We’ve tested a few but what has worked the best is offering whatever dish was in your carpet bomb for FREE. So if it was the side of sweet chilli fries, offer that dish to everyone for FREE! It’s up to you whether you add conditions to the offer, but we suggest doing whatever it takes to get people through the door! If people spend an average of £20-30 per visit and return 1-2 times a month then offering a free side dish is a no-brainer! They’ll probably never come alone either!

The great thing with Facebook is you don’t have to be overcomplicated with a landing page on your website etc. You can just use a Facebook Offer so people choose to claim their code. You can limit the amount of codes that can be claimed, adding scarcity to the offer making people act faster! Only having 50-100 free dishes available means people will claim the code so they don’t miss out.

You can use the coupon code to track how many customers actually come into the restaurant/bar. Add up the bills of anyone who used the Facebook coupon code and see how much revenue you get from the campaign.

What’s Next?

The key now is to build on what you’ve got from this campaign. There will be a buzz around your page and people will be talking. This is where a good messenger bot can be just as effective as SMS Messages and Email Campaigns. Retarget all the people who have engaged in your campaign in some way (video views, post engagement, offer claims etc) with a post inviting them to join your messenger list for access to discounts, free stuff etc. You could be talking 100’s of people in your list right from the get-go, who you can send an offer to using your messenger bot. It’s so effective. the messenger bot we use is Manychat, but we have no affiliation to it and there are many others out there you may prefer.

September 8, 2017

The Most Cost Effective Way to Build a Targeted Audience for Retargeting

You guessed it…

Carpet Bomb!

Ok we know we’ve written about this before, but since then it’s become our go to method for building an audience for any new clients that have a limited budget. We can’t stress enough just how effective it is. Here’s the best way to set up a carpet bomb campaign:

Step 1:

Get a GOOD video made for your business. If your on a limited budget, you’ll be able to find people who can make reasonably good quality videos for you at a good price here: https://www.fiverr.com/ – however, don’t expect miracles. If you really want this to work you need to get really creative and make a video that will hook the audience that you’re looking to reach.

Step 2:

Create a Video Views campaign in Facebook Ads Manager/Power Editor. Assuming you are starting from scratch, target your ad as well as you can using interests and behaviours, as well as age and location etc. Try to make sure you’re reaching the right people, without making your audience too small. It’s really hard to say what a good audience size is, because it depends on so many things. But if you find an audience that’s just under 1million and you think it’s targeting the right people, you’re probably on to a winner. We’re looking to get around 10thousand video views to start with.

Step 3:

Once you’ve had around 10thousand video views, it’s time to build that retargeting audience. In your Facebook Ad Manager click on Audiences and then click create custom audience. Select engagement and then select video. Select ‘People who have watched at 75% of your video, and from here you’ll be able to select your video. Enter 365 days so you don’t miss anyone! Click create audience and Facebook will populate it for you.

Step 4:

Create an ad to run to this new retargeting audience. This is where you want to put a call to action in your ad and even a little reminder about the video. Remind them that they loved your video, then tell them what you want them to do.


August 8, 2017

Get Your Website Up to Speed – Quick!

Facebook’s new algorithm means you need a fast website!

Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm decides what shows up when we’re scrolling through our newsfeeds, and it’s constantly being updated to improve user experience. Facebook’s latest change is favouring websites that load quickly on mobile devices. This is because over 40% of people will abandon a website if they wait over 3 seconds for it to load! 3 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot, but in this modern era if it’s not instant it’s not worth it…

Here’s what Facebook said:

With this update, we’ll soon take into account the estimated load time of a webpage that someone clicks to from any link in News Feed on the mobile app. Factors such as the person’s current network connection and the general speed of the corresponding webpage will be considered. If signals indicate the webpage will load quickly, the link to that webpage might appear higher in your feed.”

What could this really mean

Although having faster loading times for your site can’t guarantee you’ll be higher up in people’s newsfeed, that’s basically what Facebook are saying here. We also think that this is the first change that will favour Instant Articles and Canvas. If only setting up Facebook Instant Articles was as simple as they make out…

Want to increase your website speed?

Here are the 10 recommendations directly from Facebook:

  1. Minimize landing page redirects, plugins, and link shorteners
  2. Compress files to decrease mobile rendering time
  3. Improve server response time by utilizing multi region hosting
  4. Remove render-blocking javascript
  5. Use a high-quality content delivery network to reach your audience quickly
  6. Remove redundant data that does not impact how the page is processed by the browser
  7. Optimize images to reduce file size without diminishing visual quality
  8. Reduce the size of above the fold content to prioritize visual content
  9. Use asynchronous scripts to streamline page render time
  10. Dynamically adjust the content for slower connections/devices
March 28, 2017

Why 4 Million Active Advertisers on Facebook is a GOOD thing!

4 Million? Is Facebook advertising getting a bit saturated?

The figure seems daunting when you first hear it. If 4 million businesses out there are actively advertising on Facebook then how is anyone supposed to compete? Especially if they’re only just getting into it! We what if we told you that there are actually

60 million

businesses on Facebook, and only 4 million of them are active advertisers? Does that put things into perspective? When you think about business marketing methods over the years, there have always been certain things that you NEED to do, depending on your business. Local businesses NEED to have a nice looking and welcoming store front and be friendly to those that enter. Online businesses have always had to rank highly in search engines if they want any chance to be seen.

Facebook Advertising is something you HAVE to be doing as a Business

We absolutely 100% believe that Facebook is now one of those marketing methods that businesses HAVE to be doing, whether they have a physical store or not. Every business should be doing it, but only 6.66% of businesses are! Don’t you think that says a lot about the current opportunity Facebook STILL has to offer? Facebook are still in their early stages, yet people are saying the market is saturated now. Yes, gone are the days when you could spend £10 and reach close to half a million people who you actually wanted to reach. But was that really ever going to last? Think how expensive all other advertising methods can be, and remember how cheap Facebook ads are in comparison.


Now here’s an idea. Facebook bought Instagram but have only just started to roll out what we would class as an acceptable way to run ads on the platform. If only 6.66% of businesses are using Facebook advertising, what percentage do you think are giving Instagram ads a good go? We have to be honest and say it’s only recently that we’ve started to take them seriously, and we’re LATE compared to a lot of marketers. But we’re always one step ahead of the curve, so perhaps you should be too…


January 25, 2017

Your 1st Facebook Ad

Here’s how to take the plunge!

So you’ve seen all these other people getting success from Facebook ads and you’ve decided now’s the time to jump right in and set one up. But where do you start? You can have all the content and graphics or videos in the world but if it’s your first time in Facebook Ads Manager you might find yourself a little confused.

The Facebook way

If you’re an admin of a Facebook page you’ve probably seen the ‘Boost Post’ button on many of your posts. Facebook are explaining to you that if you spend x amount you can reach x amount of people with your post. This is Facebook’s way of getting you hooked on their ad system, and it works. However using this method to run your Facebook ads isn’t as effective as setting ads up from scratch in Facebook ads manager, or better yet…Power Editor.

The best way

Now this is very subjective and depends on many things, including opinion. But we wanted to offer our top tips for setting your Facebook ads up, to help you keep things organised for when you start to have lots of ads running at once. This method assumes you are running ads from one ad account for one business.

Campaign = Objective
Ad Set = Audience
Advert = Ad Creative

When you set up a Campaign, you have to choose the objective. So if you’re objective is to get people to engage with your content then you’ll choose the Post Engagement objective. Once you’ve set up a campaign with this objective, you should then use that campaign to put any ad sets you set up with the same objective. So if your first ad has the objective of getting people to engage with a post about your new products, and your second ad has the objective of getting people to engage with your old products, they should go under the same campaign. We would tend to call this Campaign “Post Engagement Ads” and if it were a campaign for getting people to click through to the website it would be “Website Clicks Ads.” This should be done for each objective. 1 campaign per objective, then as many ad sets and ads as you want under those campaigns providing the objectives match up.

Ad Set
Ad sets should be used to test different audiences, so you can find which one performs the best for your content. You might have a very specific audience but that doesn’t mean that further down the line you won’t want to try and target all the people who have been on your website, and they would go in their own ad set. We tend to name our ad sets based on the audience they’re targeting, so that we can tell what the targeting options are by looking at the title of the ad set. This can include placement and other targeting options if you’ve used them.

This is the creative part of your campaign. You can either use posts on already on your page or create posts that will specifically be for adverts only and will never be published to your page. It’s entirely up to you, and you can have as many adverts in your ad sets as you like, but Facebook will weight it’s spend to the best performing one (See ‘Tricking Facebook’ for more on this). If you want to test the same post out to different audiences, then you can direct different ad sets to the same post. Or if you want to have the same audience see more than just one post it can be a good idea to create multiple ad sets that are identical, and then choose a different ad creative for each ad set.

There’s the structure

So that’s the structure we tend to use when setting up and running Facebook ad campaigns for businesses. Unless there are other factors that come into play that cause for alternative set ups, that’s how we do it! Give it a try, it should help you to keep things organised for when you’re checking results to see which ads are performing the best.


January 16, 2017

‘Tricking’ Facebook

Ad Creatives

Have you ever noticed that when you set up a Facebook ad, Facebook encourage you to use multiple ad creatives under the same adset? The reason they do this is so that they can show multiple creatives to your audience and gauge which one performs better. Once they realise which creative is performing better they start to show that one more than any of the others. If you’ve ever had multiple ad creatives under the same adset for a few days, you’ll notice that once Facebook decide which ad creative is performing better, the others get practically no reach or ad spend. This can be really frustrating, especially if you feel that each creative is good quality and you want them to be served equally. Unfortunately, the only way to get them served equally is to make a separate ad set for each creative.

How Can I Use this to My Advantage?

Here’s the clever part. We can actually use this to our advantage by tricking Facebook into thinking we have multiple ad creatives under one adset, meaning cheaper CPM’s and CTR’s. Think about it…Facebook want to find which ad creative performs better so that they can show it to more people. If we simply duplicate the same ad creative and let Facebook decide which one is performing better, they’ll only spend money on the ad creative that’s got the best CPM’s and CTR’s etc. Now of course we realise that the ad creatives are all the same, so there should be no difference at all…but try it. You’ll see a huge difference and Facebook will start preferring one ad creative over all of the others even though they’re all completely the same.


Give it a try, see what you think. If it can reduce the cost of your ads even by just a tiny bit it’s worth doing with every new ad you set up.