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June 21, 2017

How to ‘Boost’ your Facebook live videos!

Here’s the trick:

1: Go to Publishing Tools on your Facebook Page

2: Click Videos

3: Click +Live

4: Set up your video options and the schedule the live video

There will be a post on the page telling your fans that you’re going to go live, but there’s no way to boost it.
5: Click the share button and share it to yourself in messenger. When you click the link, that’s the link you want to use in the next step…

6: Make a post on the Facebook page explaining that you’re going to go live, and that people can get a reminder using the link in the comments. Publish the post and then paste the link from step 5 into the comments.
When you hit enter, there will be a button for people to get a reminder:
Boosting this post will mean people can get their reminder for when you go live, and your live audience will be instantly bigger! Enjoy!


March 9, 2017

Do your webinars LIVE on Facebook!

Stop trying to drag people away – just use Facebook!

Webinars have been a great system as part of marketer’s funnels for years now, and they still work! If you sell any kind of training, information packs or anything like that then they’re a perfect way to get people hooked and up-sell them on your paid products/services/training etc.

The old funnel

In terms of Facebook, the old funnel would go something like:

  1. Hit your target audience with an ad about your webinar
  2. As people sign up for your webinar you get their email addresses
  3. In the days building up to your webinar you send email reminders out to get as any people as possible to log on when you go live
  4. You run your webinar with an irresistible offer to get people to convert into customers

With this method, people often used to have to download some sort of software just to watch your webinar. We all know how getting people to jump through hoops before they’re even a paying customer is tough, and should be avoided where possible. So here’s our suggestion!

The steps

  1. Inform your Facebook fans of the time and date that you’re going to go LIVE on Facebook
  2. As an optional step, you can even tell them to turn on notifications for when your page goes LIVE! (Tell them to go to your page, hover over ‘Following’ and click the pen next to Notifications. Then check ‘All Live Posts’ under Live Videos) (It’s a similar process on mobile)
  3. Make sure you boost this post to your page fans so they all see it!
  4. Set up another similar ad but targeted to your target audience that don’t already like your page
  5. Monitor for comments etc incase anyone isn’t sure how to catch the webinar
  6. In the days leading up make sure you’re posting reminders to your page, and make sure you have the original post pinned at the top
  7. At the scheduled date and time GO LIVE!


Currently you have to go live using the mobile app. There are many ways around this if you really want to use your laptop/computer to go live with. However we suggest just using a mobile device to go live on and then have your laptop logged into the Facebook page ready to monitor and respond to comments, and drop your links in the comments too!