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June 20, 2017

The Perfect Online Funnel for a Health & Fitness Business

Summer’s here, your business should be thriving!

We keep going on about summer finally arriving in the UK, but we’ve been waiting for so long! It’s such a great time of year and there’s one industry that should be thriving in it. Health & Fitness. Most people think the best time of year for the Health & Fitness industry should be January, when everyone is making their new years resolutions to get in shape. But as most people know, that’s short lived. The best time of year for the industry should be summer, when everyone suddenly becomes more conscious of how they look in less clothing! It’s just too hot to hide under thick heavy clothes, so people turn to fitness and health programs to help them find their ideal shape for the summer. We work with a few businesses in the Health & Fitness industry and one of them has agreed to let us use their online fitness program as an example to how personal trainers and fitness coaches should be using their website and social media this year to thrive over summer.

Meet Mr Scott Spencer!

Scott came to us as a well established personal trainer and overall fitness & health professional to build up his online presence, of which he had none! Scott’s been on the cover of fitness magazines, on TV talk shows and is an all round great guy, but he didn’t do social media! We often get jealous of people who tell us they’re not on social media. What a simple life it must be!

Scott’s Selling Point

When Scott first contacted us there was something different about the way he talked about his business. As you can imagine most businesses tell us their sales goals, the ROI they want from social media etc and it’s completely understandable. Everyone has to make a living. But Scott just spoke about how he’s on the wrong side of 40, is a father and family man, but still finds the time to have rock hard abs. Right from the first conversation we had with him we knew that his first mission was to help parents who feel too busy to look after themselves, and he just wanted to make a business out of it. THIS is the mindset that any business should have.

  1. Who do you want to help?
  2. Why do you want to help them?
  3. How are you going to help them? 
  4. Could you earn some money doing it? 👈 This should ALWAYS be last

As an example, here are SMR Social’s answers to those questions:

  1. Who do you want to help? Small businesses and public sectors
  2. Why do you want to help them? Because a lot of them don’t have the knowledge & time to use social media to promote themselves
  3. How are you going to help them? We’re going to use our extensive experience in social media marketing to help them build up their online presence, and keep looking for new ways to push them above their competition
  4. Could you earn some money doing it? We’re a small agency of 2 so we don’t need to charge top end prices, but we have to make a living and we’ve found most small businesses are happy to pay the monthly fee that we charge for our services.

Scott’s Online Funnel

In the early stages of Scott’s journey to getting online, he wasn’t quite sure on what exactly he was going to offer. He had some fantastic ideas, but don’t we all. We’re going to take you through what his online plan looks like now and why it is the perfect funnel for any health & fitness business!

👉His Website👈

Your online presence has to start with your website. Websites these days have to be clear and concise. Think of that feeling you get when you’ve just tidied up a messy house. There’s nothing in the way that’s not being used, nothing to annoy you and make you feel stressed without even realising it. That’s exactly what Scott’s homepage looks like. A menu at the top, a huge header that has 2 buttons on that cater for 2 different people:

  1. People who haven’t heard of Scott before
  2. People who are ready to sign up to his plan

This is SO important because of the way online marketing works these days. In Scott’s case, his ‘ideal‘ funnel is:

  1. You see one of his videos on Facebook
  2. You start to see some of the great tips, advice and mini workouts he posts on social media
  3. You may even engage in some of the content, to which he replies with a thoughtful response
  4. You head to his website to find out a bit more about him (some people are ready to sign up now, others take longer)
  5. You want to take action after seeing all the amazing results Scott is getting for his clients, and you hit that big orange ‘shift’ button to sign up for his 1 month plan!!

That’s just the beginning!

Ok from our point of view it’s the end. We’ve reached Scott’s target audience on Social Media, got them hooked on his content and they’ve taken action. But for Scott, that’s just the beginning and that’s why this is the perfect funnel for anyone in the Health & Fitness industry.

Scott’s Shift Program – Online Fitness of the Future!

If you look at what’s included when you sign up for the Shift program, you should notice a few things. The first item included in the plan is access to a closed Facebook group for other Shift members 👈 Gold 👌

LIVE workouts using the Facebook group – for members only!
LIVE Q&A for the Facebook group – This is genius

Everyone’s on Social Media – Keep them there!

Scott is really utilising the power of social media to build a community of customers. Instead of fighting the new trend he’s embracing it and making it work for his business model. £30 for 30 days seems like nothing for people when they sign up, but when they realise what an incredible service Scott offers do you think they’ll take much convincing when he brings out a new program? A new product? He’s building his list, his community and his reputation and if he keeps it up it’s just going to get better and better. The best thing about all this is:

He probably doesn’t even realise he’s doing it!

Scott’s a genuine guy. He’s not a marketer, he’s a Health & Fitness professional. He probably won’t utilise the assets that he’s building to the extent that he should, because he doesn’t realise the potential for it. But that’s how it should be! Anyone in the Health & Fitness industry…take note!

April 11, 2017

Is Health Research Finally Catching Up with Social Media?

The Pressing Issue

At SMR Social we’re people too. Just like everyone else. We’re of a generation that grew up as children before the big technology boom, but we were young enough to see it unfold right in front of our eyes and not be too late to understand it all. We’re grateful for that, because we feel it gives us a good balance between keeping up with the latest trends, and remembering that there’s a real world out there beyond our phones. But this isn’t the case for everyone, and we’re not just talking about a younger generation than ourselves. Just yesterday on our walk along the Nantwich canal there were 2 men in their 40s-50s walking the opposite way to us glued to their phones. 1 of the men nearly bumped into us because he didn’t once look up, and when he was startled by our presence he quickly began to panic and look for his dog. It’s a bit of a shame. But the issue here is the latest news we’re reading about ‘social media depression.’

They’ve Given it a Label

An interesting health study in the US [Source: http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/is-social-media-making-you-feel-depressed/story-30261237-detail/story.html] has found that their participants were more likely to develop depression the more they checked social media to see what other people are up to. You can see it unfold in front of your eyes if you’ve ever watched someone who’s new to social media start to enjoy it. They love to see what their friends are up to each day, and start to post updates themselves.

Then Things get…Complicated

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really stop there. As marketers we often get caught up in the numbers and algorithms and all of that good stuff, but at SMR Social we’re constantly reminding each other that behind those numbers are real people. People that may be having a great day, people that may have just got some bad news and are scrolling through Instagram for comfort. We bare this in mind a lot, so that we can put a positive spin on all of our content and adverts. Wouldn’t you rather people associate your brand with content that cheered them up that time they were feeling a bit lonely? Content that they shared with their best friend because “omg this is so you!” There’s an opportunity here for brands to have a positive impact on their audience, and we say take that opportunity and bring some joy to your audience. But why are people getting depressed because of social media?

False Validity

We’re possibly very lucky here at SMR Social. Our job is to post content for your business on social media, and our desire if for that content to spread like wildfire and get a huge reaction from your audience. Our need for people to respond to your content on social media is fulfilled every day when we check the stats and see if yesterday’s post got more ‘likes’ that the post from the day before. We sit on social media for most of the day. It means that when it comes to our personal lives, we’re not really that bothered about what’s going on. I personally try to kick social media to the back of my mind when I’m not working so that I get a break from it. Which means on a personal level, I’m not hunting for likes or comparing my own life with all of my friends. Which is a huge problem in the world we live in today.

This Video Demonstrates it Perfectly!

April 7, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Selling on eBay and Amazon – The Social Media Perspective

The Pros

That High Traffic is Tempting!

It is indeed! We work with a number of companies that have literally built their business on Amazon or eBay. It’s great, they’ve built such a reputation on those sites that they’re top of their categories and selling products without really doing much more. That means they have time to come up with new products and listen to their customers. Amazon has nearly 184,000,000 visitors A MONTH. Could you imagine that sort of traffic on your own website?


With your own website, it’s hard to build trust, especially for new businesses. One of the biggest benefits of running a proper social media campaign is the level of trust it can build with your audience. But with platforms like Amazon and eBaby, customers have that trust right away. We’ve helped Amazon best sellers to move over to their own websites and it’s taken a long time to get people to start ordering regularly. That barrier just isn’t there with people who shop on Amazon and eBay.

New Customers

Sometimes with these marketplaces, especially Amazon, it almost seems too easy to acquire new customers. The moment your products start climbing up the ranks and getting to best seller status in their categories, your sales can go through the roof. Many people of have never heard of your brand are buying your products! But what next?

The Cons

Who are your customers?

This is probably the biggest problem, and it’s not even to do with social media. If you’re playing by the rules of Amazon, you can’t really contact your customers directly. You don’t get their email addresses, you don’t get to send them a follow up email with special offers, and you don’t get to retarget them with ads anywhere online…it’s all in Amazon’s hands. Wouldn’t you rather be able to connect properly with your customer?


This is the big one for us! As Social Media Marketers, we like to know what people are doing when they see our ads. We also like to create audiences based on their actions, including purchases. Then, when we’re using Facebook, we like to let them optimise our campaigns to reach people who are more likely to take actions that we want them to…like purchase! Imagine spending £10,000 on a marketing campaign to your Amazon products. There is no genuine proof that it works. Sales could pick up drastically, but that could be down to Amazon and nothing to do with your campaign. When you have everything on your own website, you’re in control. If people aren’t doing what you want them to do, you can stop your campaign and adjust.

Knowing who your customers are and being able to offer them discounts as a thank you is priceless.



January 16, 2017

‘Tricking’ Facebook

Ad Creatives

Have you ever noticed that when you set up a Facebook ad, Facebook encourage you to use multiple ad creatives under the same adset? The reason they do this is so that they can show multiple creatives to your audience and gauge which one performs better. Once they realise which creative is performing better they start to show that one more than any of the others. If you’ve ever had multiple ad creatives under the same adset for a few days, you’ll notice that once Facebook decide which ad creative is performing better, the others get practically no reach or ad spend. This can be really frustrating, especially if you feel that each creative is good quality and you want them to be served equally. Unfortunately, the only way to get them served equally is to make a separate ad set for each creative.

How Can I Use this to My Advantage?

Here’s the clever part. We can actually use this to our advantage by tricking Facebook into thinking we have multiple ad creatives under one adset, meaning cheaper CPM’s and CTR’s. Think about it…Facebook want to find which ad creative performs better so that they can show it to more people. If we simply duplicate the same ad creative and let Facebook decide which one is performing better, they’ll only spend money on the ad creative that’s got the best CPM’s and CTR’s etc. Now of course we realise that the ad creatives are all the same, so there should be no difference at all…but try it. You’ll see a huge difference and Facebook will start preferring one ad creative over all of the others even though they’re all completely the same.


Give it a try, see what you think. If it can reduce the cost of your ads even by just a tiny bit it’s worth doing with every new ad you set up.

January 13, 2017

Holidays and Important Dates

But I don’t care that it’s Christmas, what’s that got to do with my business?

Every year in the build up to Christmas we have at least one client say the same thing to us. “I’m not selling anything Christmassy, so why should the content on our Social Media be anything to do with Christmas?” Well if anything, this means your content should be EVEN MORE Christmassy! If you’ve got special Christmas products that you’re selling at that time of year, then you’re already getting involved in the holidays. If not, then you need to make an extra effort to be part of your fan’s Christmas by posting nice content to get them in the Christmas spirit. The same goes for any special time of the year!

What content should I post?

It can be as simple or as complicated as you like! Let’s continue with the Christmas example. You could just post a nice Christmassy picture and say “Holidays are coming…” It will get your fans and followers in the Christmas spirit and they’ll associate those good feelings with your brand! Alternatively, you can let your fans and followers into the lives of your business over the holidays. People love to see the personal side of a brand. If you’re having a Christmas party, post about it and ask everyone to tell you about theirs! Have fun with it, it’s a time to connect to your audience rather than sell to them.

January 12, 2017

2017 – The Year of the Video?

Is this really the year of the video?

If you ask us to look at our data so far in 2017…yes!


So far in 2017 our tests have show that video is out performing any other content in terms of reach, engagement and click throughs. This is huge, and means it’s really important to think about how you can make videos work for your business. There’s no sense in just posting stock videos that don’t really have much to do with your business.

So what are my options?

There are 2 routes we would go down if you want to try using video for your social media marketing without spending to much of your budget on actually creating the videos.

  1. Film the videos yourself – If you’re doing something interesting with your business, get your phone out and film it. You can even go live when you do this, and as we’ve said before…LIVE is gold!
  2. Add your products to stock videos. This is a little more tricky, but there are websites out there such as https://placeit.net/ that let you place your products in their videos. It’s well worth a try to test the water, so you can make a decision on whether you want to invest in video marketing!
January 11, 2017

Should you use Facebook Messenger Chat-bots?


Using chat bots for Facebook messenger can save you a lot of time responding to all your eager customers. In the social media age if you’re not replying to your customers within hours then they’re un-happy and have probably gone somewhere else already!


The idea of chat-bots is to program them to come up with relevant responses to frequently asked questions using keywords etc. This is a great way to get a response to your fans quickly to bridge the time between them messaging and you getting an actual human to read their message and respond.


The WRONG way to use chat-bots is to set automatic replies that link to whatever you’re selling and not really consider the customer’s question. Firstly, this is just bad practice. People want a personal touch and not just products shoved down their throat. Secondly Facebook are completely AGAINST this. If they see you using a chat-bot to push products onto your fans then they will be very un-happy, and we all know what happens after that…

So, should you use chat-bots?

The answer is yes, but use them to provide information until you can get a HUMAN to respond fully to your customer’s enquiry.