March 19, 2015

Stephen Robinson

I started as a dedicated Freelancer with a reasonable amount of experience in Social Media Marketing. With over 8 years experience using Social Media before taking on the role of Content Curator + Business Developer, I quickly worked out that I had a skill for using Social Media for business. My expertise now lies in using Facebook to promote your business, using advanced targeting methods and re-marketing.

I was born in the UK, and have lived here ever since.  Being native English means you can count on my perfect spelling and grammar, and I’m able to localise all of my work to make sure I use either UK English or US English. I’ve always had a really creative side to me, and I’ve found that posting content for businesses on social media has let me put my creativity to good use.

Having grown up with the internet being a very normal part of everyday life, I consider myself very lucky to be one of the people who was using social media before Facebook was even an idea. Using social networks like MySpace and Bebo to promote bands that I was in and events that I held made me realise that there is a huge opportunity in social media. There had to be a way of reaching all those millions of users every day to promote any business, event, person or product.

After graduating from University I found myself working in an online company doing web design, mobile app development and eBook publishing. This was a great experience for me, helping me learn the inns and outs of utilising the internet for business. I was then recruited by a fast growing social media agency, and it was then that my passion for social media was reignited. Not only was I learning all about how to use social media for all kinds of different businesses, I was also learning about customer care and business growth. I knew this was my passion, and I wanted to do this on my own.

I enjoy nothing more than showing businesses how powerful social media can be for them.