The benefits of using QR codes in your marketing communications

QR codes are becoming more popular by the day in marketing communications. If you’re not yet familiar with QR codes, they are two-dimensional barcodes that are scanned by a smartphone camera via a QR scanning application. QR Codes have the capacity to hold thousands of alphanumeric characters as information, which is why they have an edge over traditional barcodes and are becoming increasingly popular within marketing communications. Nowadays, users are frustrated with anything that’s slow and time-consuming. It’s all about being instant and fast, especially in the world of marketing. Let’s jump into the benefits of using QR codes and why you should start to consider them for your business.

Benefits of QR Codes

Marketers are able to provide a wide range of information to users as well as easily keeping that same information up to date without any need of a new campaign. An example would be starting a campaign offering weekly or daily promotions depending on the levels of engaged customers. Marketers are able to track users and see insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through the review of analytics in real time.

Using QR codes will allow for better brand visibility, quicker access to your selling points, quick and painless access to social links and an ability to direct customers exactly where you want them to be. Essentially marketers are able to use a QR code to make the life of a user much less complicated.

This will allow in the long run for more conversions and direction for what the marketer is aiming to achieve. Another benefit of using QR codes for marketing is that, by using dynamic QR codes, you are able to create an image that allows for updatable embedded data.

So, when you put up QR code posters, you don’t necessarily have to take them off and replace them when they have served their purpose. It seems a matter of time before everybody will find the need to learn how to use QR codes. Implementing QR codes makes tasks much easier and will increase the potential for survival and return on investment. Users are continuously seeking ways in which products and services can be more accessible and if you’re keeping up with what they want, you’re half way there..


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