The Importance of Downtime in Business

Do you find enough time to clear your head and re-charge your batteries?

We spent the weekend down south in Bournemouth to attend a wedding, and thanks to some fantastic weather we were able to really relax and have some downtime to re-charge our batteries. We arrived on the Thursday and the wedding was on the Friday. We had our laptops with us so each time we were able to get a few minutes we were keeping up to date with all of our campaigns to make sure things were running smoothly. The weather really picked up and by Saturday it was as if it was the peak of summer. We live no where near a beach, so having a sea view from our hotel room and being a stone’s throw away from the beach was really refreshing. We decided that Saturday was a day for no work, and made the most of the beach by relaxing on it for hours.

It was a fantastic day and we really enjoyed just being able to relax and clear our minds, ready to get back to it today!

The Benefits of Downtime

Today has been incredibly productive so far, and it’s only 9:02am as I type this. We’re really busy here at SMR Social all the time, monitoring campaigns for clients and making sure their social media is always being looked after. So you can imagine, we’re often working when we should really be relaxing. We don’t mind that though, it’s become part of our lifestyle and we wouldn’t change it for anything! But this past weekend has made us realise that it’s important to get some genuine down time occasionally that’s dedicated to purposely not thinking about work! We’re so refreshed now and ready to keep improving our client’s campaigns to deliver fantastic results!

As business owners, you’re probably familiar with the concept of never really having any proper time off. So we just wanted to share our thoughts about it so you can feel a little less guilty if you decide to take some time out!

Here’s to a fantastic week!



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