The Importance of Great Images

“Why aren’t people buying anything?”

Every business is using their digital presence for different reasons. We do always find it very refreshing when we meet a business that only want to use social media to build up a fan base to form a community of people who are all potential customers. They just want to build this audience up and let conversions come naturally. However, there’s the other side of the spectrum where businesses just want to use social media to drive traffic to their website to get people to make purchases. Again, that’s fine but it’s a completely different digital marketing model.

We had a conversation last week with a very long term client of ours and it started with them saying something like “Why aren’t people actually buying anything?” Unfortunately, we saw this coming. When we took the client on board we liked the project, but the first thing we said was that all of the product pictures on the website need a huge improvement and if we’re really honest the whole website needs to be re-done.

The client mentioned that she wasn’t a fan of the pictures we’ve been using when posting about products from her website, and that no one’s going to buy after looking at that sort of picture. Well yes, you guessed it, we had taken the pictures directly from her website because they are the exact products we were posting about. We couldn’t just get an amazing picture of a similar product and use that, then wait for the awful reviews to flood in from un-happy customers when their products aren’t the same as the pictures they saw.

No matter how dull your products are, give them a photoshoot

Now we’re not saying bicycles are dull, but when we came across this website we just couldn’t believe how amazing the images were! Our contact in the website industry Jag Chohan of Socially Inspire sent us this link to a website he is designing: Forj & Diamond Bespoke Cycles

We can’t speak for everyone and we’re not part of the cycle industry, but when we think of cycles we think of websites like Halfords that are just shopping website. Look through the full website for Forj & Diamonds and take in just how incredible it all looks. That sort of brand image is enough to make us want to get into cycling, and that’s definitely out of character for us!

A company like that don’t NEED the best images, as long as they show enough detail for customers to see the product they’ll be fine. People buying parts for their cycles are looking for quality products, not quality images. But what these images do for this brand is set them apart from the other cycle brands. It might not work for ALL of their potential audience, but what it will do is really capture the audience it does work for and turn them into die hard customers rather than just one offs. If their products are as high quality as their images, this brand have got it spot on!




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