The Importance of Live Streaming in 2018

We’ve already seen how effective it is, so it’s time to embrace it!

In 2017 all the top social networks started to push their live streaming features. You couldn’t really get away from it on Facebook, and there was a time period where you would get a notification if anyone or any page you were connected to on Facebook went live. This was really powerful, because it was a free way to send a notification to all of your friends, or page fans.


Facebook obviously viewed this push as a success. Users responded well to live videos and brands were able to make great live content that users wouldn’t normally get to see. That’s why live streaming is still one of the best features to use on Facebook as a brand, and in 2018 we believe it will be one of the most important!


You can even schedule a live stream so that users can opt in to get a notification for when you go live. Say you have a big announcement, or there’s something happening in your business that’s worth filming, you can set up a live stream event and subscribers will be told when it starts. It’s a GREAT way to grab the attention of your users and offer a lot of REAL value when you go live. You can’t stage it, unless you’re all really good actors in your business.

Instagram Stories and Live On Instagram

Instagram’s version of live video was it’s stories, which are also available on Facebook and are competing with Snapchat. These videos don’t get published live so if you mess them up you can remove them, but the idea of them is to feel like they were filmed as a spur of the moment thing, so bare that in mind. However Instagram recently rolled out Live On Instagram meaning you can now go live on Instagram too! This send notifications to your followers so use it wisely!




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