The Importance of Routine…

…and when to go against it!

Most of our clients have at some point tried to do their social media marketing themselves. Besides not having the time, the biggest problem most businesses face is not getting in the habit of regular social media activity and therefore their campaigns are sporadic and never build any consistency.

Stop trying to move mountains!

If you’re handling your business’s social media simply because you know you need to be on social media then try not to get bogged down with the complicated stuff. Start off with the goal of making sure you post 1 piece of content every day (apart from your days off!) to each of the social networks you’re on. It can be a funny picture, a cool picture of your product or even sharing customer reviews. Anything to keep your business active on social media that day! Make a habit of it. If you know that once you get started for the day you’ll never get time to think of something to post for social media, do it before you start anything else! You can always schedule it for later that day if you don’t think it’s worth posting anything so early in the morning. It shouldn’t feel like a task, it should be really enjoyable. You’re sharing something about your business with your fans. That’s exactly how we feel each day when we post content for every single one of our clients.

When to break the routine…

It seems a little strange that we’ve been encouraging you to work hard to establish a routine that keeps you active on social media, and now we’re telling you to break that routine. But when it’s necessary, it’s necessary. If something’s going on right there and then, that you think your social media audience will find funny, interesting or valuable in some way then GO LIVE! Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Instagram Story, Snapchat Story, Periscope…Just get it out there on something! You can always share the link to the original live video to the rest of your social media pages.

Start trying new things.

Once you’ve established your routine for social media posting, and you’ve got it on your mind so much that any time something out of the ordinary happens your first thought is “should I go live with this?” then it’s time to up your game. It can get quite deflating when you’re putting all this effort in to get active on social media and no ones really engaging. Set up a Facebook ad targeting either your target audience or the fans you already have, and promote your favourite post from the week. Once you’ve got that ad set up, change the post each week to your latest favourite one and see what your audience respond best to. Have fun with it, try not to think about whether it’s ‘worth the investment’ because we can tell you right now…it is!


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