The Language of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you love it or believe it’s just a marketing ploy to get couples to spend money on each other, you have to at least try to involve it in your marketing once a year. I mean look at us…We’re a Social Media Agency who’s target audience are small to medium businesses and here we are talking about love!

What if we’re nothing to do with love?

If your business is, well, strictly business then it can sometimes be hard to come up with ideas for ‘lovey dovey’ content. But you have to remember, that CEO you’d love to have a business lunch with, or the decision maker in the big company that you’re trying to win over are all PEOPLE…and love is just a natural feeling that PEOPLE have. The beauty of social media and content marketing, even for B2B, is that you get to communicate with people on a personal level and show that your business is also built up of real people.

So what should we post?

This is a tough one to make a general statement about because it’s very dependent on your business and your normal content strategy.

B2C: If your business is B2C whether it’s products or services, try and make things a bit more glamorous for the day. Get some nice roses and ribbons and put them on your products, offering a discount for 1 day only. Get in the spirit of it!

B2B: If your business is B2B then it can be tough to think of what to put out there that relates to valentines day. A good one is to post pictures of any flowers that get sent to the office (be careful not to include any name tags though! You wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble!). Or perhaps you’re a family run business, that sort of thing writes itself on Valentine’s Day!

SMR Social

Here at SMR Social we’re practically a family business. Although not technically married yet, Stephen and Abby have been engaged for nearly 2 years and will be getting married in summer 2018 (in the big apple!). So you can imagine Valentine’s Day has a special feeling for SMR Social and it’s a day we’re going to enjoy posting lots of ‘lovey dovey’ content for all of our clients. Speaking of family businesses, who knows, maybe one day it will be the next generation that are sat here writing our daily (well almost) blog posts!

❤️️Happy Valentine’s Day❤️️


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