The Most Cost Effective Way to Build a Targeted Audience for Retargeting

You guessed it…

Carpet Bomb!

Ok we know we’ve written about this before, but since then it’s become our go to method for building an audience for any new clients that have a limited budget. We can’t stress enough just how effective it is. Here’s the best way to set up a carpet bomb campaign:

Step 1:

Get a GOOD video made for your business. If your on a limited budget, you’ll be able to find people who can make reasonably good quality videos for you at a good price here: – however, don’t expect miracles. If you really want this to work you need to get really creative and make a video that will hook the audience that you’re looking to reach.

Step 2:

Create a Video Views campaign in Facebook Ads Manager/Power Editor. Assuming you are starting from scratch, target your ad as well as you can using interests and behaviours, as well as age and location etc. Try to make sure you’re reaching the right people, without making your audience too small. It’s really hard to say what a good audience size is, because it depends on so many things. But if you find an audience that’s just under 1million and you think it’s targeting the right people, you’re probably on to a winner. We’re looking to get around 10thousand video views to start with.

Step 3:

Once you’ve had around 10thousand video views, it’s time to build that retargeting audience. In your Facebook Ad Manager click on Audiences and then click create custom audience. Select engagement and then select video. Select ‘People who have watched at 75% of your video, and from here you’ll be able to select your video. Enter 365 days so you don’t miss anyone! Click create audience and Facebook will populate it for you.

Step 4:

Create an ad to run to this new retargeting audience. This is where you want to put a call to action in your ad and even a little reminder about the video. Remind them that they loved your video, then tell them what you want them to do.



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