The Need to Look After Your Social Media Pages

Here’s why you can’t just run ads and ignore everything else!

Over the past few years, drop shipping and other similar business models have become huge. We can see why. In fact, when we see a product we think we can market on social media we often set up a Shopify store and sell the product via drop shipping while it’s a ‘hot’ product. Drop shipping T-shirts is how we really honed our Facebook advertising skills that we use for our clients today. It’s great. People see your ads, buy the product you’re drop shipping and the order goes through to the drop shipper, and they send the customer the product. What we don’t do is simply set up a Facebook page in 2 minutes, throw up some ads to the products and expect people to buy our products. Far too many people are doing this, then heading to online forums to shout “drop shipping is dead!”

It’s not dead, it’s just more complicated than that!

A few years ago, maybe even as far as 5 years ago, it was possible to just run Facebook ads to a product and generate lots of sales. These days, you can only get away with that if you have a very unique product that people just can’t not buy! There’s effort required for every business and drop shipping is no different. If you’re not building up your social media presence by posting regular content to your pages then why would people want to buy from you instead of the other businesses that are doing? There are 2 reasons that looking after your social media pages has become more and more important as the years go on:

  1. Social Media users are savvier. Most people realise now that if they see an ad for a product on Facebook, it isn’t Facebook advertising the product to them, but another business that they need to decide if they can trust or not. So what do they do? They check you out online. They look through your website to see if it feels trust worth. They see when you last made a blog post. They check your Facebook page to see if you’re responding to customers. They check your Instagram account to see if you’ve been posting pictures. They search hashtags on Twitter to see if anyone else has bought from you. If you’re not on top of all of this, they’ll look elsewhere!
  2. The Social Networks are favouring active brands over pages with no content. Unfortunately, this is only what we’re seeing from our experience and others in the advertising community, so it’s not fact. But we believe that Facebook is favouring brands that post engaging content to their pages and have an active presence. Just like Google like to see brands that have active social media accounts, so do the social media platforms themselves. You may have heard of ‘bad’ Facebook accounts that just don’t get results, but it’s usually because Facebook has a flag on those pages that aren’t posting content.

So it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and think about what sort of content you need to be posting for your business to your social media pages. Don’t think about calls to action just think about what your audience will want to see and interact with, no strings attached.

Speaking of calls to action…

If you simply don’t have time to be posting regular content to your social media channels then our social media management service is ideal for you. From just £300 a month we can take care of all of your social media pages and make sure they’re active so that potential customers will trust you. Get in touch today…


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