The Perfect Online Funnel for a Health & Fitness Business

Summer’s here, your business should be thriving!

We keep going on about summer finally arriving in the UK, but we’ve been waiting for so long! It’s such a great time of year and there’s one industry that should be thriving in it. Health & Fitness. Most people think the best time of year for the Health & Fitness industry should be January, when everyone is making their new years resolutions to get in shape. But as most people know, that’s short lived. The best time of year for the industry should be summer, when everyone suddenly becomes more conscious of how they look in less clothing! It’s just too hot to hide under thick heavy clothes, so people turn to fitness and health programs to help them find their ideal shape for the summer. We work with a few businesses in the Health & Fitness industry and one of them has agreed to let us use their online fitness program as an example to how personal trainers and fitness coaches should be using their website and social media this year to thrive over summer.

Meet Mr Scott Spencer!

Scott came to us as a well established personal trainer and overall fitness & health professional to build up his online presence, of which he had none! Scott’s been on the cover of fitness magazines, on TV talk shows and is an all round great guy, but he didn’t do social media! We often get jealous of people who tell us they’re not on social media. What a simple life it must be!

Scott’s Selling Point

When Scott first contacted us there was something different about the way he talked about his business. As you can imagine most businesses tell us their sales goals, the ROI they want from social media etc and it’s completely understandable. Everyone has to make a living. But Scott just spoke about how he’s on the wrong side of 40, is a father and family man, but still finds the time to have rock hard abs. Right from the first conversation we had with him we knew that his first mission was to help parents who feel too busy to look after themselves, and he just wanted to make a business out of it. THIS is the mindset that any business should have.

  1. Who do you want to help?
  2. Why do you want to help them?
  3. How are you going to help them? 
  4. Could you earn some money doing it? 👈 This should ALWAYS be last

As an example, here are SMR Social’s answers to those questions:

  1. Who do you want to help? Small businesses and public sectors
  2. Why do you want to help them? Because a lot of them don’t have the knowledge & time to use social media to promote themselves
  3. How are you going to help them? We’re going to use our extensive experience in social media marketing to help them build up their online presence, and keep looking for new ways to push them above their competition
  4. Could you earn some money doing it? We’re a small agency of 2 so we don’t need to charge top end prices, but we have to make a living and we’ve found most small businesses are happy to pay the monthly fee that we charge for our services.

Scott’s Online Funnel

In the early stages of Scott’s journey to getting online, he wasn’t quite sure on what exactly he was going to offer. He had some fantastic ideas, but don’t we all. We’re going to take you through what his online plan looks like now and why it is the perfect funnel for any health & fitness business!

👉His Website👈

Your online presence has to start with your website. Websites these days have to be clear and concise. Think of that feeling you get when you’ve just tidied up a messy house. There’s nothing in the way that’s not being used, nothing to annoy you and make you feel stressed without even realising it. That’s exactly what Scott’s homepage looks like. A menu at the top, a huge header that has 2 buttons on that cater for 2 different people:

  1. People who haven’t heard of Scott before
  2. People who are ready to sign up to his plan

This is SO important because of the way online marketing works these days. In Scott’s case, his ‘ideal‘ funnel is:

  1. You see one of his videos on Facebook
  2. You start to see some of the great tips, advice and mini workouts he posts on social media
  3. You may even engage in some of the content, to which he replies with a thoughtful response
  4. You head to his website to find out a bit more about him (some people are ready to sign up now, others take longer)
  5. You want to take action after seeing all the amazing results Scott is getting for his clients, and you hit that big orange ‘shift’ button to sign up for his 1 month plan!!

That’s just the beginning!

Ok from our point of view it’s the end. We’ve reached Scott’s target audience on Social Media, got them hooked on his content and they’ve taken action. But for Scott, that’s just the beginning and that’s why this is the perfect funnel for anyone in the Health & Fitness industry.

Scott’s Shift Program – Online Fitness of the Future!

If you look at what’s included when you sign up for the Shift program, you should notice a few things. The first item included in the plan is access to a closed Facebook group for other Shift members 👈 Gold 👌

LIVE workouts using the Facebook group – for members only!
LIVE Q&A for the Facebook group – This is genius

Everyone’s on Social Media – Keep them there!

Scott is really utilising the power of social media to build a community of customers. Instead of fighting the new trend he’s embracing it and making it work for his business model. £30 for 30 days seems like nothing for people when they sign up, but when they realise what an incredible service Scott offers do you think they’ll take much convincing when he brings out a new program? A new product? He’s building his list, his community and his reputation and if he keeps it up it’s just going to get better and better. The best thing about all this is:

He probably doesn’t even realise he’s doing it!

Scott’s a genuine guy. He’s not a marketer, he’s a Health & Fitness professional. He probably won’t utilise the assets that he’s building to the extent that he should, because he doesn’t realise the potential for it. But that’s how it should be! Anyone in the Health & Fitness industry…take note!


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