The roadblocks to digital marketing transformation

Digital marketing transformation is no longer a bolt-on, but a crucial component of commercial survival. There are many roadblocks that organisations must consider when trying to transform, these issues stunt organisational growth and put brands at risk of being left behind in the digital dust. But, what are the roadblocks to digital marketing transformation, exactly? Let’s take a look.

Resistance to organisational change

Many companies are adamant to change their strategy as they have a ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ strategy. Digital transformation can’t take place with this mindset and a reluctance to change will bite you in the long-term. An example of this would be Blockbusters and Netflix. Blockbuster was considered an innovative brand, however, failed to update their operational model. Netflix swooped in on this opportunity with a more modern and flexible solution, causing Blockbuster to go bust. What works today, may not work tomorrow..

A lack of knowledge and skills

One of the most evident roadblocks in digital marketing transformation is a lack of skills or knowledge. An organisation needs to understand that staff must have access to the relevant training, certifications and courses to be able to perform the necessary steps of transforming.

Your talent must be able to upskill themselves to keep up with the demands of a constantly shifting digital landscape. The investment can be costly, but long term the ROI from your transformation will blossom as you’re able to match customer demands.

Data management issues

Without access to accurate and quality data, trying to transform digitally can become an uphill struggle. A clear understanding of objectives and concrete insights into what your customers wants and needs is one of the first step that must be considered.

The organisation must come together to develop accurate projections of your budgets and plans moving forward. Road mapping and outlining the channels you propose to explore and technologies you will need to do this is essential for any business. It’s always really important everyone within an organisation is on the same page with where the business’ wants to go and that everyone is spending their time on future developments accordingly.

 Budgetary limitations

Organisations fail to account for new IT systems and the cost of staff training when budgeting for a digital transformation. Unexpected challenges can always be a problem when integrating a new system with an old one. The main budgetary limitation is from the lack of planning, this can be aided by going over your transformation strategy with a fine tooth comb and considering every obstacle. Good luck with all your digital transformation efforts!



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