Things You Should be Doing Even if You have a Social Media Manager

What, I still have to work on our Social Media?

Having a social media manager can be one of the best business decisions you make, just ask some of our clients! But many businesses think their work on social media stops there, and rightly so. But it’s those businesses that continue to do certain things with their social media while their social media managers are working away on the bulk of the work that have the most successful campaigns. Here are 3 things you should be doing along side your social media managers:

1. Telling customers to find you on Social Media!

The best example we can give to you on this is our client Repair World Direct, a local repair shop in Crewe, UK. They engaged us a few years ago to manage their social media and the rest is history, it’s really enjoyable posting content for them and getting it to spread throughout the local areas as we live very close by. They’ll tell you it’s all down to us, but the reason it works so well is because they mention social media in some way to every customer that walks through their door! Whether it’s to ask them if they heard about the shop on social media, or if it’s to ask them to give them a quick like on Facebook. It’s simple, but it works! If people are happy about the service/products you’ve sold to them, they’ll happily write you a quick review if you mention it to them. That’s something Repair World Direct have done right from the start. It’s no coincidence they have over 15,000 local Facebook fans and 196 5 Star reviews!

2. Responding to People!

As part of our role as social media manager’s, we make it our mission to respond to everyone we can. But there are occasions when we need to forward things to our client because a response requires their expertise. If you’re grabbing lunch on your own or waiting for a meeting to start, it’s the perfect opportunity to jump in and have a look for chances to create conversation. Business can get lonely sometimes, but making the most of that time is really important. An example of one of our client’s that makes the most of his time alone is the founder of DIY Family Law. He’s a very busy man, as most lawyers are, but he gets a lot of time in between cases and preparation where he can jump into his social media pages and TALK with people. Law is a really complex area, so our job for DIY Family Law is to reach those people in need of legal help. But we’re not lawyers, so the majority of times when someone reaches out it requires a member of DIY Family Law to respond appropriately. Each day when we log on to their pages it’s great to see that they’ve been talking to potential customers and giving them real, genuine advice. Social Media is a platform to publicly display that you know what you’re talking about, and you’re only interested in helping people.

Interacting on Twitter!

Twitter is a goldmine for conversation. We go in every day to do some following, retweeting and favouriting as well as looking for tweets that we could potentially respond to on behalf of our client. But there’s no one in the world that could do this better than you, the business owner. Having us tweeting your content and growing your following saves you so much time, but some of that time can still be invested in jumping onto Twitter and joining or starting a conversation. You’ll enjoy it! What’s more is that because we’re working away doing the tweets etc. your conversations will be far more effective because when people look at your account they’ll see you’re the real deal.

Social Media campaigns can work as well as you want them to. You can’t just expect to set things up and watch it take off. Get a Social Media expert to do the bulk of the work, and jump in when you can to add the icing on the cake!



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