Time to Freshen Things Up

Facebook want you to re-do all your ads!

Well, not officially! But after multiple tests it appears those old ads you’ve got running that are going stale need to be re-done. Even if they’re re-done EXACTLY the same. We’ve been noticing a dip in performance on all of the ads we have had running longer than a couple of weeks so we thought we better take some action. Sometimes it’s better to just ride the storm and hope Facebook sort things out, but this time it seems that they just want new ads so they can start fresh after their latest updates.


You can easily just duplicate any ad sets that are starting to under perform and that should help give them a boost again. Just turn the old ones off once the new ones are set up. We’ve tried this exact method on multiple ads for our clients and the difference has been amazing in just a couple of days!

Don’t you just love it when Facebook give you extra work to do!



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