Tips for a Mother’s Day Giveaway

Are you doing one?

If you’re thinking about doing a Mother’s Day Giveaway have a read through these tips we’ve put together after speaking with one of our clients. It was such a refreshing conversation from someone who really understands what giveaways and competitions are really about.

  1. Start ASAP: As of writing this post, there’s only 24 more days to get your giveaway out there and get it to build some traction. Don’t put it off any longer!
  2. Think carefully about what you’re giving away: What sort of products or services does your company offer? Has it got anything to do with Mother’s Day? One of our clients called up yesterday asking us to run a Mother’s Day giveaway for them on Facebook, but they didn’t want to give away any of their own products as they didn’t feel like they would make a good present for Mums! How refreshing it was for us to hear that. They’re not running the giveaway just to push their products on people, they’re doing it to show that they’re a generous company made up of genuine people that understand how important Mums are! They’re actually offering a rather large gift card at a popular store as well as a big bunch of flowers! Who wouldn’t want to win that for their Mum?! Just think about the awareness they’ll get from it though.
  3. Ask for the Mother’s address: You’re running a Mother’s Day giveaway, so the idea should be that someone can win a prize that they then give to their Mother, right? When you pick the winner, the terms should be that you will send the prize to their Mother’s name and address as a surprise. If you send it to the winner, you could end up sending the prize to someone who just keeps it for themselves. That’s not the spirit of Mother’s Day!
  4. Read the Ts&Cs: There are many different Terms and Conditions to running giveaways on each social media platform. Make sure you read them carefully before running any giveaway. For example, did you know that on Facebook you can’t actually ask people to “share this post” to be in with a chance of winning? That’s against their rules and if they notice you doing it, your ads will be disapproved.
  5. Make it as public as possible: Although the reason for doing a Mother’s Day giveaway should be about kindness, your business still needs to get some extra exposure from it. Push it as hard as you can, and when you select a winner…make a big deal of it. People need to know that the giveaway was genuine and that someone somewhere was a very happy winner. Try and get the winners to send in pictures and post them to their own social media.

Happy Mother’s Day from us both here at SMR Social


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