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Have you ever noticed that when you set up a Facebook ad, Facebook encourage you to use multiple ad creatives under the same adset? The reason they do this is so that they can show multiple creatives to your audience and gauge which one performs better. Once they realise which creative is performing better they start to show that one more than any of the others. If you’ve ever had multiple ad creatives under the same adset for a few days, you’ll notice that once Facebook decide which ad creative is performing better, the others get practically no reach or ad spend. This can be really frustrating, especially if you feel that each creative is good quality and you want them to be served equally. Unfortunately, the only way to get them served equally is to make a separate ad set for each creative.

How Can I Use this to My Advantage?

Here’s the clever part. We can actually use this to our advantage by tricking Facebook into thinking we have multiple ad creatives under one adset, meaning cheaper CPM’s and CTR’s. Think about it…Facebook want to find which ad creative performs better so that they can show it to more people. If we simply duplicate the same ad creative and let Facebook decide which one is performing better, they’ll only spend money on the ad creative that’s got the best CPM’s and CTR’s etc. Now of course we realise that the ad creatives are all the same, so there should be no difference at all…but try it. You’ll see a huge difference and Facebook will start preferring one ad creative over all of the others even though they’re all completely the same.


Give it a try, see what you think. If it can reduce the cost of your ads even by just a tiny bit it’s worth doing with every new ad you set up.


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