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One of the best ways to get inspiration for your ads is to see which ads are performing best for everyone else. But to do this, the only way (until now) was to scroll through your newsfeed until you’re hit with an ad. With Facebook you get to see ads that are targeted to you, and find out why you fall into the target audience for that ad. So if you ever see an ad on Facebook that you think is just perfectly suited for you, you can click the “Why am I seeing this?” button and find out how you were targeted. It can be great for ideas, but it’s rare you see enough ads to do this often.

A new chrome extension

A Facebook marketer has created a new chrome extension that you can install and use on Facebook to only see ads in your newsfeed! It’s great. You load up Facebook, turn the extension on and then refresh the page. Next thing you know, every post you see on Facebook is a sponsored post targeted at you. Every time you have a quick 5 minutes, you can go in and see hundreds of ads to get some inspiration and see which ones are getting the best response for people like you, the target audience! Here’s the link:


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