What Does a Share Mean to Your Business?

100 Shares? Great! Now what?

Getting your content shared on social media is a big deal. Don’t forget that. But you do need to think about what it means to your business, and how you can analyse those shares to improve your social media strategy. There are 2 sides that you should be analysing when something gets a lot of shares:


If something that you posted to your Facebook Business page got a lot more shares than most of the other content you post, then it’s pretty obvious that you should be thinking about why this particular post got so many shares. There must have been something about what you posted that made your audience share it with their friends, family or work colleagues. Was it funny? Was it something that they stand for? Was it advanced information that they wanted to share to let people know that they’re knowledgeable on the subject? If you can work out which type of content gets your business the most shares, you can start posting more of it to reach more people.


The next thing you want to know is who actually shared the content. Was it people who are always sharing content and don’t really think about it? Or was it people who wouldn’t normally share content but just HAD to share yours? It’s getting tougher to see details about who shared your content because of privacy settings on most social platforms, but you should still do your best to work out who’s shared your content, so you can try and speak to them in future posts.


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