What Time Should You Start a Facebook Ad Set?

Does it really matter?

Unfortunately, it does. But only if you’re talking big budgets. Typically the best time to start your ad set is right after midnight on whatever time zone your ad account is in so that it paces evenly throughout the day.

But wait, there’s another great time too…classic Facebook!

However, like most things with Facebook the answer is not black and white. There are occasional advantages to launching it at 4am, it kinda gets a “running start” so to speak as it will initially give you a burst of traffic which can yield higher CTRs if done properly.

The early bird catches the worm

Lets say your audience isn’t really online around 1am or a subset of your audience that does best isn’t online around midnight, you may want to try starting your ad sets at 4am, 5am or even 6-7am as this can yield a higher initial CTR than launching at midnight. Not only because of the audience who is online but also because it will push your spend quicker initially. Once it hits 8am we wouldn’t really turn it on that late as 1/3 of the day is gone so your traffic could cost you approximately 33% more per click. If you start your ad set at noon, your cost will be approximately double as Facebook tries to rush spend in to catch up with your budget.

Starting your ad set, whether its new or one you paused in the past, too much after midnight is more of an advanced tactic so if you are brand new to Facebook Ads please be careful with this, especially with large budgets. It’s better to just schedule them to start at 00.01am.



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