What to do if your Business is Seasonal

I only open for business for 6 months in the year…

If your business isn’t open constantly, then you’re probably wondering whether you should be spending time or money on a social media campaign in the times that you’re closed. The short answer is yes…but your strategy should be a lot different.

What happens if I stop…

If you decide to go quiet on social media while your business is in downtime, a number of things will happen:

  1. Your fan base will stop seeing your content as much which will have a psychological impact on your brand in the minds of your customers
  2. Your competitors may be continuing their campaigns and reaching your target audience, meaning they may take top spot in the minds of your customers.
  3. Your social media pages will lose their traction. There’s a big snowball effect with any social media page that’s doing well. The term ‘viral’ is banded around too often but when people start to share your content it does bring a ‘viral’ effect to your marketing and things tend to get better and better. Facebook is notorious for pushing content that’s doing well. If they see that people are reacting well to a piece of content, they’ll give it an extra push because they want good content on their platform. They do the same when they notice a Facebook page is getting popular. The moment you go quiet, all of this stops happening.

What should my strategy be?

When we’re running a social media campaign for a client and it comes to their down time, it can almost feel refreshing. The pressures of finding a balance between great content and driving ROI can get quite high, and as soon as down time hits we can focus on what social media is perfect for; Building an audience to gain more brand awareness.

During your downtime you may not want to be getting many people on your website or visiting your store, especially if you’re literally closed. But what you do want to be doing is getting people to talk about you, share your content and engage with you. It’s the perfect time to stop trying to drive people to your website or get them into your store by pushing products on to them. Start creating and sharing great content that your audience will absolutely love, so much so that they comment on it, share it with their friends and hope to see more next time they’re online.


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