What you get with our Social Media Management Package

The Social Media Manager you always wanted!

Our social media management package has been designed for small businesses to outsource their social media marketing efforts to someone who knows what they are doing and has the time to do it. It would be easy for us to have a standard page here on our website with all the details laid out about what we do in our social media management package but if we’re completely honest, it can vary quite greatly between businesses. What we want to make clear is that our monthly fee of £200 means that we are effectively part of your team. We like to take the perspective that we now work for your company, just like all your other staff members. It’s just, we work remotely. Like an IT support team, that do social media marketing, and actually do it for you rather than just help when there’s a problem. Of cource, we do help when there’s a problem too!

What does it include?

Here’s our best effort at putting together a standard list of what our Social Media Management package includes:

  • We will create or rebrand your social media pages to reflect your brand image. You may either have no social media pages set up for your business, or you already have them set up and like them the way you are. It’s your choice whether you want us to be part of creating or re-branding them.
  • Post daily to your social media pages (Monday to Friday unless agreed otherwise). Each post will be carefully created using information from your website or other relevant sources online. They won’t simply be copied or automatically generated. This is where we pride ourselves in being the best of the best. Nothing is automated. Every piece of content that goes out on your social media has a lot of time and thought behind it.
  • Each post will be formatted to the platform it’s going to. For example, tweets will have relevant hashtags and may tag other users if it will increase exposure.
  • We’ll respond to comments and messages on a daily basis. This is crucial, and means you don’t have to worry about checking for messages as I’ll be responding every day.
  • Do some Facebook advertising for you to increase your Facebook reach, engagement and fan base – This is how we’ll reach targeted people on Facebook with our posts for you, to build up the brand awareness and fan base.
  • Do some re-tweeting, favouriting and following on Twitter to increase your Twitter engagement and following – This is how I’ll reach targeted people on Twitter. People will be tweeting about related news and needs, and I’ll join in those conversations.
  • Do some liking and following on Instagram to increase engagement and following
  • Tweet extra news that is relevant to your business if it will provide good reading your followers – It’s easy to get away with posting a lot more on Twitter so if I can find lots of relevant news and content then I’ll tweet about it.

So there you have it…

Imagine having your own social media manager, that’s actually a team of two passionate social media experts, working on your social media pages every single day for just £200 per month. Not bad hey?

Just get in touch with us if you’d like to give this a try.


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