What’s the minimum you should be spending on Facebook ads?

The golden question!

We don’t discriminate between big and small clients, we’ll take on any project that we believe we can help with. We work with businesses that have next to no budget, and businesses that have more budget than we can ever imagine possible. But what’s the deciding factor in working out what minimum amount needs to be spent on ads?

Your goal!

What you’re looking to achieve dictates absolutely every aspect of your social media plan. We hand a lot of business’s social media who simply want their social media to be managed. They’re not looking for any direct ROI from it, they just want their social media to be regularly updated and for it to reach their target audience. In all fairness, this should be the first aim for any business when it comes to social media. But this type of client doesn’t need to have too much spent on social media ads. You can reach your target audience with a small budget, you just can’t expect quick results from it. But that’s the beauty of a brand awareness campaign. People will start to see you as the go to brand in your industry so when they are ready to become customers, you’ll be top of their list!

However those client’s that are looking to see some direct ROI from their social media campaigns need to be prepared to spend a lot more. There’s no winning formula when it comes to setting up adverts on social media, so there needs to be room for a lot of testing and optimisation. Ideally each ad should have a minimum of £5 per day, and there needs to be at least 5 different types of ads to test which ones perform better. That’s a minimum of £25 per day, so you can be looking at around £700 – £800 per month on ads to start with.

What are your goals? Feel free to contact us to talk to us about your goals and whether we can help you to reach them.


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