When to use a different Objective

How confident are you about your audience?

Sometimes with Facebook ads you’ve managed to narrow your audience down so well that you feel like there’s no need to really use an objective, you just want to reach as many people as you can! It’s a great place to be in with your campaigns. So what audiences are better to just reach more of, and how can we do it?


This is the obvious one. We often set up our retargeting ads with a different objective than the usual Website Clicks or Website Conversions. This is great if you’re running Adwords campaigns to your website, and then hitting people on Facebook with a reminder or discount. You’re not trying to get them to engage, you just want to reach them so that when they’re ready they’ll click the ad and make their purchase.

Page Fans

If you’ve built your page up properly, your page fans should be people who WANT to see your content. This is the perfect time to REACH more of them instead of looking for people to engage, because your page fans will naturally engage with your content.


If you have a good video, and a well targeted audience then reaching them all could be the best things to do. Let’s say, purely for example, that you have a targeted audience of 100,000 people. If you go for a video views objective or website clicks etc you may not reach all of them. But if you try to reach as many of those people as possible, you’ll be able to re-target them by people who viewed the video over 50%, 75% etc. These people are SUPER interested and make a great audience for retargeting.

So what’s the best way to reach more people?

There’s more ways of doing this than you’d think, and we actually prefer the less obvious ones.

  1. Reach Objective – This one’s self explanatory. You can create a new campaign using the reach objective. This aims to reach as many people in your audience as possible, so it’s perfect if that’s what you want.
  2. Impressions – You can select this objective at ad set level, on most campaign objectives. So if you set up a reach campaign, when you’re in your ad set you can leave the objective as reach, or change it to impressions. This also works for other campaign objectives. Impressions means that Facebook will just show your ads as often as they possibly can. So 1 person in your audience might see your ad 3 times in 1 day…depending on the size of your audience. This can work well, but usually only for short periods of time. Facebook don’t like to annoy people with the same ad too often, and your audience might get fed up.
  3. Daily Unique Reach – And here you have our favourite reach objective. The campaign objective we choose depends on the ad creative we’re serving to our audience. If it’s a funny picture that we want all of our audience to see, we’ll create a Page Post Engagement campaign but change the objective at ad set level to Daily Unique Reach. If it’s a clickable link to a product then we’ll choose a Traffic or Conversions campaign (depending on pixel) and change the objective at ad set level to Daily Unique Reach.

So there you have it. When you have an audience that you KNOW is going to work, make sure you reach as many of them as possible.


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