Why 4 Million Active Advertisers on Facebook is a GOOD thing!

4 Million? Is Facebook advertising getting a bit saturated?

The figure seems daunting when you first hear it. If 4 million businesses out there are actively advertising on Facebook then how is anyone supposed to compete? Especially if they’re only just getting into it! We what if we told you that there are actually

60 million

businesses on Facebook, and only 4 million of them are active advertisers? Does that put things into perspective? When you think about business marketing methods over the years, there have always been certain things that you NEED to do, depending on your business. Local businesses NEED to have a nice looking and welcoming store front and be friendly to those that enter. Online businesses have always had to rank highly in search engines if they want any chance to be seen.

Facebook Advertising is something you HAVE to be doing as a Business

We absolutely 100% believe that Facebook is now one of those marketing methods that businesses HAVE to be doing, whether they have a physical store or not. Every business should be doing it, but only 6.66% of businesses are! Don’t you think that says a lot about the current opportunity Facebook STILL has to offer? Facebook are still in their early stages, yet people are saying the market is saturated now. Yes, gone are the days when you could spend £10 and reach close to half a million people who you actually wanted to reach. But was that really ever going to last? Think how expensive all other advertising methods can be, and remember how cheap Facebook ads are in comparison.


Now here’s an idea. Facebook bought Instagram but have only just started to roll out what we would class as an acceptable way to run ads on the platform. If only 6.66% of businesses are using Facebook advertising, what percentage do you think are giving Instagram ads a good go? We have to be honest and say it’s only recently that we’ve started to take them seriously, and we’re LATE compared to a lot of marketers. But we’re always one step ahead of the curve, so perhaps you should be too…



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