Will Facebook Make Instagram Ads Better?

Prediction or Hope?

We wish we could say that this blog is a prediction of ours for 2018, but it’s more of a hope. Currently when using Instagram ads, you either have to post through the Instagram app and then ‘promote post’ and use a limited selection of advertising methods. The biggest benefit of this is that all the engagement stays on the post you use on Instagram when the advertising finishes. The biggest downfalls here are that there’s such limited targeting and delivery options, and in your ads manager you can’t select a new post to advertise under the same ad set.

The other option is to set things up through Facebook ads manager and choose Instagram as your ad placement. This works the same as normal Facebook ads but once the advert finishes, it disappears from Instagram. So all the engagement you get on the ad will vanish once you change the advert to a new post or if it finishes.

Our prediction/hope

We’re really, really hoping that this changes. For us the ideal solution would be to set up the ads through Facebook Ad Manager and then have an option to ‘publish post to Instagram feed.’ This way you can choose whether the advert post is permanent or not.

What do you think? Are we asking too much or is this a good idea?


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