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And the Votes are in!

With today’s General Election results being announced here in the UK as I type this blog, I thought it was a good idea for me to give our take on whether you should make political posts on social media as your business. You see the thing is, unless politics goes hand in hand with what your business does, you risk losing too many potential customers by posting anything that slightly suggests your political beliefs as a business.

General News is Fine

For most businesses that we manage social media for, there is always a good reason to mention something about what’s going on in the world of politics. But the key for us is to remain completely neutral with what we say, even if that’s not the case. For example we have clients in the tax, accounting & business growth industry that were all very passionate (and concerned) about the Brexit results, and now the general election results. Those results are guaranteed to effect tax, accounting and businesses no matter what they were so it was important to stay up to date with the news and let our audiences know that. But the one thing that we had to make sure we did was stay neutral, no matter what!

Political topics often bring controversial comments…

…which is great! Now don’t get us wrong here, we’re not saying slanging matches in the comments section of your content are a good thing. But political posts often get people expressing their thoughts and we’ve seen many great debates on the comments sections of our posts. This is just fantastic for organic reach and as long as you monitor them, they can work really well in your favour. It’s usually best to stay out of them though! Some of the most passionate niches are in politics, and if you can build up an audience of passionate fans then you can utilise that how ever you like.

Social Media has changed politics

When we woke up this morning the first thing we did was check the news to see how things were going in the election. But funnily enough, the easiest, most intuitive way for us to see the results as they came in live was on Facebook. They had a note at the top of the news feed about the general election and when you clicked on it you saw a live map, and could enter your post code to see the results in your area. We believe social media, Facebook in particular, has really encouraged people to get more involved with politics over the past couple of years. Whether that’s a good thing or not, we’ll leave up to opinion!


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