Your Facebook Page’s Cover Image/Video

These are our tips for your Facebook Page’s Cover Image or Video


If you opt to use an image as your page’s cover, then here are our suggestions. If a new user visits your page the first things they’ll see are your profile picture and your cover photo. Your profile picture should really be your logo, to instantly build some brand recognition. This means it’s the cover image that you want to get creative with.

  1. Size: You want to adhere to Facebook’s guidelines, which at the time of writing are: 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall for desktop and 640 pixels wide and 350 pixels tall for mobile.
  2. There are rules: Facebook have rules about what you can and can’t put in your cover image. For example 1) Your photo cannot be deceptive or infringe another’s copyright. 2) The photo is public. 3) You may not encourage other users to upload your cover photo on their own pages. If you break any of these rules then Facebook may take down your page.
  3. Go easy on the text: Although Facebook removed the 20% text rule for cover photos in 2013, we’d still suggest going easy on it.
  4. Brand Consistency: Make sure you stick with your brand colours so that people start to associate those colours with your brand.
  5. Draw attention to your CTA: Most pages by now have added a call-to-action button on their page, which is displayed just below the cover photo. Try and make your image draw people’s eye in that direction.


Cover videos were rolled out last year and they can be a great way of advertising your latest product or just your brand in general. We’ve made some great Facebook Cover Videos for our clients using a variety of free tools:

Give it a go and see if any of the templates work for your brand.


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